Season vs. Territories

Aug. 4, 2020

One of the things that I have shared through the years is from the Book of Ecclesiastes that says that there is a time and season for everything.  As God would minister that scripture to me He would tell and remind me, that seasons change.  He would say to me that some seasons are longer than others but eventually, if we gain from them what we should, they will change.  Unfortunately, there are some that become so accustomed to the seasons they’re in that they don’t want to accept change.  Too many become comfortable with the places they are occupying for the seasons they’re in.  Perhaps the finances or the popularity is great. Their names and ‘ministry’ has become well known.  Maybe it’s a matter of convenience or opportunity.  Whatever the reasons we must all understand that seasons change and you can’t stay in your old season while trying to  possess your new territories.   

Some years ago I read the book and did the workbook, ‘Experiencing God’ by Blackaby and King. There’s a quote I often use from that book which says, “One of the worse places you can be is where God was.” I never want to remain in a place where God has finished doing what He wants to do with me. When our assignments or purpose is finished in a place we must move on.  It means that the season is changing for us. We can’t remain where God was, we always want to be where He is! SELAH! 

When we insist and stubbornly want to remain where God says He’s finished with us in a certain area, not only will things begin to stagnate, they will also begin to work against us. What was once blessed becomes burdensome, exhaustive and oppressive.  Just when things should go so right they go terribly wrong. What you once loved and looked forward to doing is now just a task, a routine and a job that you no longer enjoy. The work that you’re doing becomes purely flesh.  Your prayer time is no longer intimate or worse yet, there is no prayer time concerning the things of God. So how can we tell if it’s time to move to another place or if it’s an attack of the enemy trying to get us to give up? This is the time that we must know more than ever before that we’re hearing God’s voice.  It’s when we must ask Him with an open heart and spirit, God is my season here over? Is the work You’ve called me to do here finished.  You’re not asking if the job or task is complete, you’re asking if your time and your season is complete. One of the saddest things I’ve seen in life is someone trying to make something work that’s not for them to accomplish. Or maybe they’re trying to make it work because it’s what they’ve always done or they just don’t know how to say to the people that God is finished with them in that area. You're not giving up, you just have the wisdom to know when God is changing your life and rewarding you with new territories. Maybe the start of the thing was for the orginal assignment.  Maybe it was to lay the groundwork and get it going for those that would follow and that was all. John 4:38 I sent you to reap [a crop] for which you have not worked. Others have worked and you have been privileged to reap the results of their work.” (AMPC) Quite possibly we’re the others that Jesus is referring to during this time from this passage of scripture. We’ve laid the crop that others will reap the results and benefits of our work.  It’s not always for us to stay to the finish.  God will tell us, speak to us and guide us in those times and places.  

When God says a season is over or that He’s finished with us in a certain season it doesn’t mean that we’re done or finished in life.  It simply means that there’s either a new season to move to or as I believe He’s speaking to many right now, it’s time to move to a whole new territory. (And remember, territories can be physical as well as spiritual.)  Don’t keep trying to make something happen through you where God has finished with you! We must hear God during these times in order for us to move to our new territories.  

At the beginning of this year I ministered in several places and even posted in one of my blogs that this year was a year where we would enter into new territories.  God spoke to me and said that some would lose territories whereas others would gain them. Sometimes when gaining your new territory it may seem as though you’re losing one.  You’re not! It may just be a matter of leaving a prolonged season in order to obtain and be blessed with a new territory. Don’t get the two confused. Don’t be like the children of Israel when leaving for their promised lands they felt that it was too great a task, too much for them to accomplish.  Don’t be afraid to go possess and occupy what God has for you to have.  Go on and take the territories God has for you and accomplish in them what God has ordained for you to do.  

The lands that Israel was given were to be cultivated in order to produce.  These new territories must bring forth what God has purposed you to bring forth in them. We must know and understand exactly what that is. So go ahead to prepare for fasting and prayer so that you can hear our Father's voice.  However, for many it’s what God has been speaking to you for years.  It’s the greater, stronger, more powerful vision that you’ve been seeing and believing Him for.  This is the territory that He promised you years ago. This is the place that He brought you out of bondage for. God will add to your territories.  If you're already in one territory then God may very well be increasing it.  Remember what Jabez prayed in I Chronicles 4, “God that you would bless me and enlarge my territory.” The word says that God heard his prayer and answered him.  If your territory is being enlarged then don’t place limits on yourself, your life, your family or ministry that God never ordained. Move into the new so that what you’re doing for God will be blessed, increased and enlarged.  Again, don’t confuse your seasons with your territories.  Don’t try to remain in a season that’s over while trying to gain a new territory that’s just beginning. 

There are those of us that must be as Caleb and say, “I am well able!”  In spite of our age or agility we are still well able to go in and take our mountains.  There are those that must say ‘I am not afraid because I know that God is with me!’ We must understand that we are not grasshoppers or bread for the enemy! We are more than conquerors! We are powerful warriors because we have fought and won the battles.  We have allowed God to teach us, prepare and equip us for the task ahead.  Our lives were not ordained to be those of continual warfare. Remember David finally had peace from his enemies and Solomon always had peace. I want to believe that our seasons of warfare are finally over.  There may be a skirmish here or there but the true warfare is ended and our territories will be those of peace. When the territories were finally allocated to Israel, for the most part, the battles had already been won.  We’ve fought our battles and defeated the enemy and this is why for many of us God is saying we’re ready for our new territories.  Be strong! Be brave! Be encouraged! The lands you see before you may seem insurmountable but it’s your territory, now go in and possess it!

Aug. 4, 2020

" I Chronicles 4:10 “God that you would bless me and enlarge my territory.”

John 4:38 I sent you to reap [a crop] for which you have not worked. Others have worked and you have been privileged to reap the results of their work.” (AMPC)"