Apr. 18, 2020

Being the Head Doesn't Always Make You Right!!!

David decided to take a census of the people. The word ‘prevailed’ in the Hebrew means that it was stronger, not more right or correct, just stronger.  To prevail means to use one’s strength or authority. David used his strength, his position as king to get what he wanted even though it was wrong. I Chronicles 21: 4 NIV The king’s word, however, overruled Joab; so Joab left and went throughout Israel and then came back to Jerusalem. In the NIV it says David’s word overruled Joab. Not that it was more correct than Joab or better, but because David was in a superior authority, he demanded that the census be taken.  What are you demanding because you feel that you're the man/woman, you're the king, you're the superior authority in your household? What is it that you're making or forcing others to do because they have no choice. Do you realize that forcing someone to do something against their will constitutes a form of rape?! It’s actually bullying! And for those that would immediately think of an act of forced copulation, rape is not about sex, it’s about control!

When David sinned as the king it didn’t affect just him and Joab, it affected the entire nation of Israel.  When the leaders of this nation sin it affects the entire nation and when you sin as the leader of your household it affects your entire household. There are many that are sinning because they're the ones in control, they’re at the head or are the leaders.  Your sin will not only affect you but it will affect what has been given into your hands! It will affect your families, businesses, relationships with others as well as your health and finances. For some of you, your pain is attached directly to the physical pain that you’re experiencing and are causing others to experience. We''re not talking about physical abuse in the sense of hitting our partner, but always remember, hurting people hurt other people whether they realize it or not. Are you causing someone pain because you’re in pain? I've heard people say that they would rather be physically struck than to endure the emotional and mental pain that a spouse inflicts upon them.

When David numbered the people he actually broke covenant with God.  Each time you do things in covenant relationship to your own satisfaction, for your own gain, just because you can, basically just because you’re the king and you think you’re in control, without thought, regards or consideration as to what's best for all concerned, you're breaking covenant with God and with others that you’re in covenant with.  God will not honor broken covenant PERIOD. Whether it’s with Him, your spouse, pastors, or anyone that you’ve entered into a covenant relationship with, if you break covenant with man you've broken covenant with God. Broken covenant with others is the same as a broken covenant with God!  SELAH!

When covenant with God is broken, everything concerning you, everything that has been given into your care and authority, the things that God had intended to bless you in, what He had intended to grow, prosper and increase for you will sicken and die. That’s not just spiritually but literally as well.  It may not happen overnight, but little by little, what you have cultivated will be gone unless there's repentance. Pause and think about that for a while!  

David sinned as the king but repented as the shepherd.  Humble yourselves before God AND man! Repent, say, verbally apologize and ask for forgiveness from those you have hurt.  And remember, repentance doesn’t just mean saying you’re sorry it also means not committing the sin again. Search your heart, mind and spirit to find where your hurts are so that you can stop hurting others.  As God is ministering to my spirit right now I almost feel like saying “STOP BEING A BULLY!!” Ask God to heal your hurts and wounds so that you will stop hurting and wounding others. Don’t handle your covenant partner as though they’re your subservient and under your thumb.  Remember God is their covenant partner as well. One of the things that was understood in covenant was that when a covenant partner was attacked their Lord and king would come to their aid.  Don't cause God to deal with you as He had to deal with David because you want your word and your way to prevail.