Jul. 12, 2016


Immediately after 911 Lord had me to begin to pray for firefighters as well as police. I started praying not only for the police and fire personnel in New York, but police and firefighters in my own home town of Amite, LA as well all over the USA. I have not and will not stop. The unfortunate thing is that now I feel there's a mandate that I must pray for Black men here in the US as well so that they're not killed by those that I've been praying for for the past 15 years. 

It hurts and it's frightening for me as the mother of two big, handsome, fine looking Black men as well as my grandson who's also growing to be like his dad, big strong and Black. To look at my sons and not know them, one might think they're somewhat intimidating. But you couldn't ask for two more gentle, kind, respectful, loving, Christian men. Yes, I am very proud of them. Yet to live with the knowledge that simply because their skin is black that the likelihood of them being shot by the police is expeditiously increased is absolutely heartbreaking. I speak and decree that it will not happen to my sons or anyone else's.
Originally my prayers for the police and firefighters started out of sympathy, love and appreciation for the lives that were lost and affected by the events of 911. As time continued I found myself praying not only for their protection and salvation, but for their character, honor and integrity. God caused me to also realize the stress that's on these men and women on a daily basis. This isn't just on their jobs, but it affects their personal lives, marriages and families as well. For most, they handle it. It's as though they were made, even created for these jobs. They're able to leave their problems 'at the office' per se. However there's a spirit that's been assigned to some of these men and women as well as against them. It's a spirit, yes a demon spirit and its name is FEAR.
Now this spirit has not been able to be successful in every endeavor or with each police person. Just the few that are weak or those that are already infused with ignorance, racism and/or prejudice. When approaching a Black man, the demon intensifies his demonic presence, heightening the fear that it has poured into this police person which initiates reactions that ultimately not only takes the Black man's life but destroys the lives of the families left behind. More damage is done and more fear is spread on a totally higher level across even more territories and realms. The grip of that demon intensifies and becomes stronger. Fear of a man simply because his skin is black has to stop.
On the other hand our Black men, and as always it's the few that get the press and is perpetrated as the majority, must stop spreading fear in all races by stopping the killing of one another. My opinion has always been that, 'if you don't care about your own life you certainly don't care about mine.' And 'if you don't care about your own life why should anyone else?' But I do! I care about mine, my sons, grandsons and every Black man on this planet! To the young thugs and gang bangers, if Black lives matter, and they definitely do, then act like it and stop killing one another. The old adage is true, 'Actions speak louder than words.' If the killing stops within our race others won't feel the fear of our race.
Please agree with me in prayer for not just our police but innocent Black men as well. If you're truly a Christian, I know you will and I thank you.