You’ve Slept Past the Glory!!!

Oct. 18, 2019

I was driving today and heard a radio talk program host make a statement about Christians, that just a few years ago, I doubt seriously that he would have been able to make.  When looking at stats it says that only 43% of Christians pray when it comes to making decisions of right or wrong based on prayer.  How many of us, as society would say, “so called Christians” truly pray and ask God if what we’re doing is the right thing or if the decisions we’re making are right or wrong? And wait, don't just ask Him, but wait until He answers.  I posted a blog a few months ago how one spirit was able to deceive 400 people with one lie. Don't we realize that if one spirit with one lie could deceive 400 not using any multi- media, no tv, facebook, radio etc, how much more are we being deceived with all of the things and instruments the enemy is using now? When those prophets of Ahab were deceived why wasn’t Micaiah deceived?  Because he was a true prophet of God with a true prayer life.  He didn't listen to what others said but he heard God for himself! 

This morning as I was waking up I distinctly heard God say, "tell my people their sleeping past the glory!" He said "tell them to wake up!"  Wake up people! We're missing the time, season and purpose that God has us in right now and I promise you, we will stand in judgement and give an account! God will deal with us and it will not be in a good way!!! It's not about our agendas or wants!  We're missing  His purpose and timing.  We're being blinded by the lights and the hype and it's causing us to sleep past the glory! God have mercy on us! We are so focused on what we say, what we think and how we feel it's supposed to be.  We have allowed ourselves to be led and influenced by people and things that God never, ever intended or ordained but we want what we want! We as Christians will give an account.  Truly this is the time that Jesus spoke of that if possible even the elect would be fooled and that includes those that we would normally look up to and believe. If I were you I'd definitely ask God if I were being fooled. And yes, I have asked Him for myself on more than one ocassion. Wake up people and stop sleeping past the glory!!!

Some years ago, I truly believed God was going to do something great that I had been led led to believe He was going to do.  I had prayed and fasted and really believed that He had said yes.  As it turned out I was wrong and He had actually said no.  I asked our Father how could I have missed Him so terribly? He said because before I even asked Him I had already made up my mind that I wanted what I wanted. In spite of me asking, deep in my heart I wanted what I wanted no matter what.  Therefore it was easy for the enemy to deceive me.

So what’s my point? We, we Christians, entered into a time and season when we could have won the world to Christianity.  God allowed us a space and time when we were suppose to have influence and effects on non-Christians that would have won them to Christ. We could have shown our God and let Him be seen for the loving, kind Father that He is, glorifying His Holy name.  But what have we done?  We’ve been arrogant, mean and divisive.  We’ve shown hatred, racism and prejudice beyond anything that’s been seen in years, and still feel justified in doing so.  We think we can speak to people any kind of way, treat them any kind of way and feel that we're right because we're Christians!! We've been standing with the accuser of the brethren rather than the intercessor! Rather than allowing the Holy Ghost to use us to bring conviction we're walking in our own self-righteousness and bringing condemnation! What is wrong with us?  We’ve lost the opportunities given to us by the Father to win the lost because we were too busy wanting what we want instead of doing what God had commanded. Through all that has occured over the past political years has Christianity grown and become more favorable or is it deminishing and being more and more disdained?  When have we, as Christains, seized on the opportunity to witness (I repeat, witness, not argue your point) during these verbal and abusive wars? Who have we won to Christ? What politician, Muslim, Atheist or nation has come to Christ through what they're seeing in the media.  We all know the answer, not one.  We as Christians have battled one another with spiteful, hateful words and post.  We've gone into battles using totally carnal weapons being guided not only by our own flesh, hearts and minds but also through the flesh and hearts of others with totally ulterior motives.  Their motives have nothing to do with giving God His glory or winning the lost to Christ.  We've allowed lies to be over looked, accepted them as truth and act as though right is wrong and wrong is right. And now we say we don’t understand why people hate Christians! They hate us because we’ve become so hateful! We’ve allowed ourselves to become so open with hatred, anger and resentment that Christians have harbored in their hearts and spirits for years while waiting for this very season to express them and then justify it.  We cannot, under any circumstances justify our sins of down right meanness, hatred, racism and prejudice using our faith as our justification.  I’m sick of it, my spirit man is groaning and crying in grief, hurt and pain! God is not pleased!

Presently I’m praying and asking our Father what do I need to do from here. I will always, always be a Christian from my heart and  spirit, it's just who I am.  I will never walk away from our Father, Jesus Christ is my Savior and the Holy Ghost is alive in me! But I must separate myself from the 'so called Christians' that are willfully living lives that are deceitful while hiding behind the name of Christ!  Yes, I am seeking God to hear Him as to whether or not to take down my Facebook page. That remains to be seen. But presently, I AM SICK OF CHRISTIANS!!!  We had our chance and we blew it!!!!  God have mercy!