Nov. 13, 2019

A Praying Prophet

I never watch whats referred to as biblical movies.  I don’t like them! The reason being is because the word of God is usually taken, changed and altered in ways that never line up with what's really His word.  As one that studies and knows a little about the Bible I cannot begin to tell you how much it irritates me when directors and writers will take words from Song of Solomon and give them to Abraham to say to Sarah.  Or when the children of Israel cross the water in knee deep muddy water when the word clearly states they crossed on dry land. Movie writers and producers put things in movies, that are supposed to be from the Bible, but change and alter them to such a degree that you keep hearing in your spirit that anyone that adds to or takes from the word of God his name will be removed from the Book of Life (Rev. 22:18-19).  They change things to the extent where God receives no glory whatsoever. When it comes to the word of God I just don’t believe in altering or changing His word for any reason.  Especially not for profit and when it definitely does not glorify the Father. I feel pretty much the same way about so called historical movies and that includes movies on slavery.  Movies about slavery usually leave me feeling hurt, angry and if allowed, even depressed.  I’m sure I haven’t watched a movie about slavery since Roots back in 1977.  
None the less, today was different.  My mother blessed my sister and me for our birthdays which are a day apart.  We usually celebrate them together which is something we’ve done over the past years.  Two years ago we celebrated our birthdays and ended up purchasing cars! (Won’t be doing that again! LOL) None the less, today, on her birthday, we knew that one thing we would be doing was having dinner at Acme Oyster House, thanks to my mother! I asked her what else would she like to do since it was her actual day.  She said she wanted to see “Harriet”.  My heart sank.  I did not want to see anything that was going to leave me feeling hurt, angry and depressed the day before my birthday. However, I agreed.  I thought that maybe I could just not let it touch me or get next to me. Maybe I could just ignore what needed to be ignored and get through it. So, we went to see “Harriet.”
I’ve read many articles and even seen movies about Harriet Tubman as a child.  Once upon a time she was one of the very few Black women that Black kids could do their book reports on in school and I had done several.  I remembered certain facts about her life and was quite prepared to pick this movie totally apart. During and after watching “Harriet” I literally cried.  If ever I have seen a true Christian movie, I assure you, this is one. Harriet was a woman that prayed and obeyed the voice of God.  There was a scene where someone who was being used to trap her watched her pray. He was so moved by her prayer life that his purpose against her life was totally changed along with his life being changed as well. He told her that he wanted to know how to talk to God like she did. It was awesome!!!  With all of the study and research that I had done on Harriet Tubman as a child, it was my first time realizing that she was a prophet.  In the movie she was not represented as a channeller, witch, clairvoyant, voodoo woman or anything else.  She wasn’t portrayed as some type of spooky, weirdo. She was depited as a woman that prayed, heand and obeyed. She let it be known that God spoke to her and she would obey Him no matter what! Each time she obeyed, God was glorified and she always gave Him His glory!
There is so much that I would love to share about this movie but I don’t want to give it all away. There were a couple of things that I had to get through and over such as the N-word being used consistently but it was the time and a true, unfortunate part of history. There was some violence but more action then anything. However, if you’ve been wondering about seeing it or maybe it hadn’t even crossed your mind, but by all means I recommend this movie highly.  God was absolutely glorified through the life of this woman.  Truly Harriet Tubman was a prophet of God.