Feb. 20, 2020

God Bless The Giver

Throughout the years, as I’ve studied the word of God, He absolutely amazes me. It astounds me as to how something that I’ve read for years can suddenly be seen, observed and heard in an entirely different way with a completely different message.  So it has been today in II Kings 4. I’ve always loved this passage of scripture mostly because of the first 7 verses that speak of the widow woman with two sons.  I am a widow with two sons. Therefore I’ve always looked at these verses and seen them from the experience of the widow. Today, God revealed it to me from the view point of the prophet.  In every part of this chapter from the widow woman, to the barren woman, to the sons of the prophet and finally the the man that gave Elisha the first fruits, God is allowing me to observe and walk in the position of the prophet. Each person (the widow woman received through her husband) had been a blessing to the prophet.  They each gave something. Then, because of their giving, they all received something in their time of need. (Although the man that gave the first fruit wasn’t specifically mentioned as receiving a blessing there is always a covenant blessing with the first fruit.) I won’t go into detail with these blessings that each received because then this post would become too long as it probably already is.  

However, what God has spoken to me today is that there are so many of you, through my years of ministry, who have been a blessing to me in absolutely unspeakable ways.  Some have been financially, others it’s been through your love, prayers and other means of support. There are those whose friendship has been beyond anything money could buy.  And yet others have taught me, mentored me and literally been used by God to change my life. It would not be a good thing for me to start naming names. Not just that I would most probably forget some but because I wouldn’t want to cause embarrassment or betray confidence.  Most of these gifts were given in secret and now I believe it’s time that God will reward you openly.  

I believe that God is speaking to my spirit right now saying that those of you that have given to me as a prophet, as a widow, as a woman of God or friend, you will receive the things that you desire most.  It’s not always money that will meet the need. The great woman in Shunem didn’t need money nor did she desire it. She needed her son to be brought back from the dead. I speak and decree that children that are now dead in their sin will be brought back into the life of Christ and set free from the death of sin.  I speak and decree that there will be physical, mental and emotional healings in your life and the lives of your families. For financial needs they will be met miraculously and others will still be able to give and be the blessings you’ve always desired to be. I speak and decree that our Father's choicest blessings and favor be upon you and your family in Jesus' name! Your needs will be met, given and supplied!

When you have been and are a blessing to me, it truly humbles me.  I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have cried when I’ve received unexpected checks in the mail, a PayPal email notice, a text with a receipt to pick up money at WalMart or even a Pentacostal handshake.  Not to mention clothes and even a brand new computer. I remember in the early years of ministry leaving my bible on my seat in church one day. When I got home I found that someone had placed money in it.  The times I have laid in a bed prepared especially for me or come home with a gift basket for me that my grandchildren opened and enjoyed like it was Christmas day. Those things meant so much for us espcially during those years. In this present time, for those that have entered into covenant with this ministry and have been faithful in consistently blessing according to the word and will of God, the words ‘thank you’ are not sufficient. You have no idea how much our Father is using you in my life. I could not focus and continue to be a blessing to others if it were not for your blessings to me. I am forever grateful. For all of these thoughts and actions of love, for the beds I've slept in, gifts, money, professional media, prayers and blessings, they have not and will not ever be forgotten. I cannot tell you how many times I wanted to give something in return for what others have given me and just couldn’t. So I prayed blessings upon you then and will always continue to do so. That will not stop. Thank you to my mentors for the years that God used you in helping to build my character and instill me with honor and integrity because without these characteristics I could never be the woman I am today.  You didn’t give up on me. Thank you to my pastors and leaders who taught me and renewed my faith in giving and tithing after being totally discouraged and depleted by the enemy in this extremely important area of my life. God bless you all. I remember all of these things. Now there are some blessings I have no idea of where or who they came from. However the important thing is that, God knows and remembers you all and your blessings, each and every one. He remembers your obedience and faithfulness. He remembers your sacrifices and patience. He knows and remembers you all. Now, may each of you receive, not always what you want, but what you truly need in this time and season in your life. May the blessing of the prophet of God be upon you! I love and appreciate you all so much!!!